Jesus taken up to Heaven Acts 1 : 1 – 11

acts-of-the-apostles-ppt-1-638“O send Thy Spirit, Lord now unto me,
That He may touch and my eyes, and make me see:
Show the concealed within Thy Word,
And in Thy Book revealed I see the Lord.”

Luke describes the four stages of the development that Christ instituted for the disciples.
1. Jesus chose the disciples. 
2. Jesus commissioned them giving specific instructions.
3. Jesus showed himself to the disciples. It was no ghost or apparition. He was with the disciples appearing and disappearing for forty days after His resurrection.
4. Jesus promised the disciples, the Holy Spirit, who would provide the power and authority, the disciples needed to carry out His instructions.

Jesus was misunderstood and ignored
1. Jesus explained many times before His death, who He was and He was misunderstood and ignored. They didn’t believe.
2. After resurrection also, Jesus had to steer their attention to the need for the simple obedience and witnesses rather than establishing ranks in God’s Kingdom.

Jesus came from and went back to God
1. Christ’s ascension was not about the order of the universe or physical location of heaven.
2. It’s a distinct break as he leaves the humanity and returns to His Father.
3. When Jesus was taken to His Father, through the clouds, why wouldn’t He be coming back in the same way?

Lord, the resurrected Jesus has been taken up to His Father. So let’s believe His second coming in the same way and prepare ourselves as He has instructed. ¬†Amen.
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