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God's chat with Adam and Eve in the evenings

God’s chat with Adam and Eve in the evenings

The first lady lived in no mansion.
Neither did she catwalk in fashion.
Lived along with nature in a garden
That God named as ‘Garden of Eden.’

The voices of the birds did awaken
The couple with whistles and tunes
In different pitches and melodies
To praise and worship in dedication.

The animals prepared themselves
To be the playmates of tender Eve,
While Adam went for a long walk
To have a control over the creatures.

No burgers nor chicken sixty fives,
Cooked in the oven for the foodies
God blessed them with juicy fruit
To quench the hunger and thirst.

The nap in the afternoons was too good,
For they were together to glorify the Lord.
In the long awaited evenings, the Almighty;
Came to chit chat with His creation so lofty.

The routine went on with good memories
Till Eve had an encounter with the creep,
Which tempted her to disobey His Words
And plunged them in the chasm so deep.

The Lord called them in passion and love;
And found none other than the creatures.
God’s wrath was exposed and He drove
Them out of Eden, cursing the whizzes.

Toil and pain were due to disobedience.
Sins and evils existed with all evidence
Till the holy birth of our gracious Jesus
Who redeemed the sinners on the cross.

(‘creep’ and ‘whizzes’ are used as nouns, signifying ‘snakes’.
Bear with me for using the poetic leniency)

Copyright © 2017 by Snehalatha Bright.
All rights reserved

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