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Noah and his wife

Hardly mentioned and rarely spoken about
Noah’s wife, though her role was vital and difficult
To leave her unnoticed with no personal identity,

For the shadowed self-merit caused the anonymity.

Noah was righteous, a man of undeserving punishment
Lot, due to Abraham is saved by his righteousness, 
His daughters – like Shem, Ham and Japheth were saved,
His wife, unlike that of Noah, perished due to her guilt.

Noah’s wife was mentioned in the Bible only five times
Neither her name nor her personality was revealed.
But, only through the assumptions and probabilities
In accordance with the character of Noah, presumed.

She was a woman of God and she was a woman of faith;
She waited for no divine bush nor divine confirmation.
Was led to help in Noah’s ark by her unquestioning faith
And served him as a helpmeet to be the servant of God.

Noah’s walk with God, proved her righteousness too
Which protected her generation through and through;
Through the stories of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel
To differ good from the evil, ravelled out from the Bible.

Her compassion was unduly and undoubtedly remarkable
For pushing the animals into the ark, in twos of all species,
By feeding the fodder dutifully and cleaning up the places
Probably proved her to have strong work ethic as well.

The scripture paints them as a Godly family with priorities
She kept God in the forefront in spite of her responsibilities
Seek His Kingdom first and the rest will follow in our lives
As Jesus had instructed in the lives of Martha and Maria.

Copyright © 2017 by Snehalatha Bright.
All rights reserved.

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