The Sea is Stilled Matthew 8: 23-27; Mark 4: 35-41; Luke 22-27

The most of the recorded miracles of Jesus were healing and exorcisms. This miracle however, is important because it establishes Jesus’ authority over nature just as His healing shows the power over humanity. Jesus is the Lord of nature as much as He is the Lord of individuals. The disciples know that Jesus is a great man with great power, yet they never imagine this kind of power could exist. They are astounded, but their faith remains weak.

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His tiresome slumber shows His Humanity.
His rebuke to the wind and sea shows His Authority.
His Words, “Peace, be still!” show His Divinity.
“O you of little faith,” shows our inferiority.

Jesus was exhausted, when He wanted to be away from the crowd. He wanted to take rest. He fell asleep in the boat. He wasn’t awakened by the battering of the boat. (Matthew 8: 24) So we realise that Jesus was genuinely human who needed the basic needs as we need. Christ’s humanity is a part of what qualifies Him to be merciful intercessor between us and God the Father. (Hebrews 2: 17)

This passage reveals not only the humanity of Jesus, but also His divinity. Only God makes the wind and water obey. With the quick Word from Christ, the storm and the sea are stilled.  This is the supernatural power of Jesus over the elements. It’s an immense comfort for the Christians in a storm. Faith in Christ is never replaced.  He calms the storms of our lives as well.

The disciples were gripped with the fear, when the storm broke out. They doubted whether Jesus could save them. The disciples were like waves. (James 1:6) God said , “Let there be light and there was light.” With the same voice, He stilled the storm and the sea. With the same voice, He will still our hearts too. But fear ,says,” I doubt if God even cares.” Faith says, “God delights in me and sings over me.” Zephaniah (3:17) So Instead of focusing how big our problem is, let’s focus on how bigger our God is.

Then this storm was worth it! This storm was God’s great wisdom and love! If it takes for us to go through the storms of life to know Jesus better, then all the storms of our lives are the perfect storm.

Lets pray
Lord, give us the complete faith and take away all our doubts from our hearts.Let our trials strengthen us in Your faith. Amen.
Glory be to God

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