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Abraham and Sarah

Abraham and Sarah

Sarah was independent and took initiative,
And imprudent in her ways, thoughts and decisions.
Yet, God’s Covenant with her is quite active.
In bringing a heir from her to prove His generations.

The fairest of the woman in all the Holy Bible
Was espoused to Abraham, the man of obedience
To God at all times in his life, till brimful
Walked in the path of God with radiance.

Sarah the barren, ashamed, agitated and anguished
Came forth with a decision that the Egyptian Hagar
Would be the mate to bring forth a child
To be the heir of Abraham and waited no longer.

Hagar was pregnant and Sarah was diminished,
Brought the case to Abraham, who was in confusion.
The uncontrollable Sarah was left to do on her own,
Where Abraham stopped none of what she had decided.

Due to famine Abraham and Sarah came to Egypt.
And hid the truth; ‘My sister’ he whispered.
Allured by the beauty, the king took her to court.
Alas! God revealed the truth and freed her untouched.

From the tent she burst with laughter
For what the Lord had promised about her.
When asked by the Lord, Did you laugh?
A blatant lie, she uttered, No I didn’t laugh.

Yet, the covenanted Father didn’t slacken
To bring the heir to Abraham’s lineages
For His promises are rocky and unshaken
To the people of His creation in all ages.

Copyright © 2017 by Snehalatha Bright.
All rights reserved

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