Acts Chapter 10

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The Gospel given to Gentiles
Acts Chapter 10
 The great response of Samaritans to Philip’s preaching (8 : 4-8) was a start.
∗ Samaritans were ethically and theologically related to the Jews.
∗ It’s a story of a Centurion named Cornelius.

∗ Cornelius is a man in Caesarea, a centurion of the Italian Regiment.
∗ He is a devoted man ,who feared God with all his household.
∗ He is a generous man, who gives alms to the people.
∗ He prays to God always.
∗ His prayers and alms are rewarded by the vision of the angel of the Lord.
∗ He has a vision from God where the angel has instructed him to contact Peter in Joppa.
∗ So he sends his messengers to Peter, who is in Joppa.

PETER’S VISION (Acts 10: 9-16)
∗ While Peter fell into trance before having his meal, he saw heaven opened and a vessel descending to him.
∗ Many of the animals he saw were unclean animals as defined in the law of Moses.
∗ The Lord told him three times to rise , kill and eat and then the vessel was received up in Heaven.

∗ Peter’s answer to the Lord was emphatic.
∗ It shows the reminiscent of two precious instances.
∗ Once Jesus had tried to tell the apostles the impending death. (16 : 21 &22)
∗ Then, when Jesus tried to wash the feet of Peter. (John 13: 6-8)
∗ Even now Peter has the habit of how things should be done in His Kingdom.
∗ Peter has hardly had the time to make sense of the vision, Cornelius’ messenger arrived and called out for him.
∗ As Peter stands out, three men of Cornelius appear before him.
∗ They are Gentiles.
∗ As there is no distinction of clean and unclean animals as per his vision, so as he saw the Gentile men.

∗ Peter has dinner with guests because it’s too late to start the thirty mile journey from Joppa back to Caesarea.
∗ Jews wouldn’t allow Gentiles to stay with them. God is beginning to break down the barriers. God works.
∗ Peter walks right into Cornelius’ home. God again breaks the barriers.
∗ So the vision of Peter is clearly revealed. Gentiles are no longer unclean.
∗ Cornelius explains the reason for sending the three men to Peter. (Acts 10: 30 -33)
∗ It’s apparent that Cornelius and Peter are not working on their own instincts. They are following what God has instructed them to do.

∗ There is a crowd of people ready to listen to God’s Word from Peter.
∗ Peter speaks about Jesus’ life and ministry; His death and resurrection.
∗ He emphasises the divine plan behind events that had played out during Jesus’ time on the earth.
∗ Peter offers not only the facts about Jesus, but also His personal verification as an eye witness – both before and after crucifixion.
∗ Jesus is the One appointed by God as God’s judge of humanity.
∗ Forgiveness and Salvation are available to any one who believes in Him.

∗ Truth of His Words are confirmed by the arrival of the Holy Spirit.
∗ Jewish believers are amazed to see the Gentiles speaking in tongues and praising God – it shows God’s leading through Peter in bringing them to be the witness.
∗ So Gentiles are also baptised along with Jewish believers.

Let’s pray…….
Lord, let there be one discrimination all over the world – believers and non – believers. We pray that even the non – believers be drawn by Your Holy Spirit to believe Your name and worship You. Amen.
Glory be to God

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